A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Can you escape from Sidekick High in less than 60 minutes? Use your seemingly useless superpowers and find out!

... in our new Point&Click Adventure "Sidekick High"!

What we say:

- 60 minutes play time!
- 2 beautifully hand-drawn backgrounds!
- 6 crazy characters!
- 80s style soundtrack!
- professional voice acting!
- pure nostalgia!
- a hot girl turning into a snail!

Finished the game? Proud of all the time that you have left? Post a screenshot of your score right here! :)

What they say:

"Sidekick High is a fun and nicely drawn adventure [...]. This is an imaginative game and, surprisingly, a fully voiced one too—if it were fleshed out and polished a little, it would be easy to mistake this for a Daedalic game." pcgamer.com

"In addition to surprisingly good voice acting, a mellow, unobtrusive background musical score underlines the scenes as you play through the game. [...] Sidekick High is a one hour diversion that is sure to entertain." gameboomers.com

"Sidekick High is a well polished game with great artwork and fun sense of humor and some very quirky characters. A super little super hero puzzler well worth checking out." alphabetagamer.com

Written by JONAS FISCH (http://twitter.com/cmmn_clrs)

Art by SASCHA SCHNEIDER (http://www.facebook.com/ptomaineart)

Music by BRYAN ATKINSON (http://www.bryanatkinson.net)

Voice Acting by VOICE ACTING POWER SQUAD (http://www.twitch.tv/elijahlucian

Install instructions

Windows: Unzip the .zip file into one folder and run Sidekick High.exe


Sidekick High (Windows) 82 MB
Sidekick High (Mac) 87 MB


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Thanks for the game! Strangely I played the game just after an IRL Escape Room game :)

You're welcome! ;) What a coincidence ;)